Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and Conditions

  1. Permission to enter job site.
  2. Release of liability for all damages of whatsoever kind caused by placement of box and/or truck in agreed-upon service area while at job site.
  3. Additional charge for every ton exceeded over limit.
  4. An additional charge may apply for relocating any box or unsuccessful trip if load is not haulable for any reason. (blocked container, not ready, dry run, overloaded container).
  5. A rental charge of $ 10.00 per day plus tax after exceeding the 14* day rental period (*unless otherwise arranged with Robinson Disposal).  For 6 yard and 8 yard dumpsters, the rental period is 7 days.
  6. Customer assumes all liability for overweight fines levied by state law.
  7. Customer is responsible for obtaining any street use permit needed.
  8. Collection Charges and attorney fees incurred by Robinson Waste Disposal Svc for collection of this account.
  9. Customer has read and agrees to follow important loading instructions above.
  10. Customers will automatically be charged for any over weights or late fees using the Credit Card on file.


Customer holds Jack Robinson Waste Disposal Svc, Inc. harmless for any damages done by Jack Robinson Waste Disposal Svc, Inc., trucks, driver, or container, and further agrees to be responsible for any damage or injuries while container is under customer’s care, custody, and control.  Customer is responsible as to the placing, loading, unloading, and removal of container.  Customer holds Jack Robinson Waste Disposal Svc, Inc. harmless for any damages including curbs, pavements, driveways, sidewalks, lawns, rust stains, underground utilities, overhead wires, etc.

No hazardous or toxic waste to be placed in containers at any time. Jack Robinson Waste Disposal Svc, Inc. is not responsible for any damages or overages that are caused by mother nature.


Important Loading Instructions

Container cannot be removed unless loaded level as per NJ law 39:4-77 Loading so as to Spill Prohibited.

LOAD TO LEVEL FULL ONLY with the following:

  • C/D, MSW, etc.
  • Concrete, Asphalt, Dirt, and Brick
  • Brush, Trees, Leaves, and Stumps



Customer responsibility to load in a manner that does not result in an overweight hazard.

  • Dirt
  • Rock
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Sod
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Asphalt Roofing Tiles
  • etc


  • Used Waste Oil
  • Toxic or Hazardous Materials
  • Sealed Drums or Paint Cans

These guidelines are for your protection to insure that the container is haulable after it has been loaded with your materials.

Thank you for your attention to all of the above.

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